Newest and Hot selling fractional rf microneedle Device rf thermal for face lifting portable thermagic skin tightening machine

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The Thermagic anti-aging machine is also known as the radio-pulling technology. Deeply loved by the stars. This technology can achieve significant lifting, firming and reducing skin wrinkles through high-frequency electric wave transmission, and can achieve the effect of delaying skin aging and returning to youth for several years. The device is the first in the world to adopt high-frequency waves. Technology reliable and harmless. This non-invasive tissue tightening and shaping advanced beauty technology, without the need for surgery, injection, avoiding the painful pain”effect, and easy to go. The process is easy and pleasant, no special care after surgery, does not affect work and life
Thermagic uses a mono-polar technology to from a focal plane through a radio frequency electric field. It penetrates deep into the dermis layer at a depth of about 2.6 – 3 mm. The capillary that receives the signal mistakenly believes that the tissue is injured and sends a help signal. A large amount of collagen is produced to repair it, and collagen molecules are gradually combined into ordered collage to achieve skin firming and reduce skin wrinkles.

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