10 Tesla Ems Body Scuptl Teslasculpt Emslim Hi Emt Pro Max Neo Sculpt Fitness Machine Ems With Rf Home

Short Description:

1. Weight loss
2. Muscles building
3. Relax muscles
4. Body lifting
5. Buttock lifting
6. Rectus abdominis separation and repair for postpartum lady
7. ED Function for man
8. Buttock shape building and etc

Product Detail

High Intensity Focused Electromagnetic machine is a non-invasive treatment, electromagnetic procedure that can eliminate fat cells and tighten muscles in your abs and butt. All you have to do is lie down at your dermatologist's office, get hooked up to a machine, and sit back and relax as it emits electromagnetic pulses that strengthen your muscle fibers and burn unwanted fat. Sounds too good to be true, right?

Four,Benefits of improving pelvic floor muscles

1.Strengthening pelvic floor muscles to enhance the control force of defecation;

2.Preventing or improving bladder, uterus or sagging rectum caused by pelvic floor muscle relaxation.

3.Reducing the leakage of urine caused by coughing, sneezing or beating.

4.Activating and enhancing pelvic floor muscle tissue to restore muscle tightness and increase elasticity.

5.Increasing the blood flow and nerve function of pelvic floor.

6.Strengthening the pubococcygeal muscle (PC muscle) to improve the sensitivity and sexual function.

EMS Body Sculpting Machine Advantage

Overthrowing the concept of a conventional weight loss device and liposuction treatment, this method “” increases muscle, reduces fat, “” by non-invasive treatment in just 30 minutes while you sleep. which has the same therapeutic effect as 20,000 times abdominal muscles.

High Intensity Focused Electromagnetic energy in one treatment causes about 20,000 muscle contractions, with maximum contraction that the spontaneous muscles of the muscles can not reach (up to 7cm in muscle ). In addition, to obtain high clinical efficacy, different pulse combinations are generated during the treatment, producing three stimuli.

The super-maximal muscle contraction is created that will promote rapid metabolic reactions in fat cells, the breakdown of fat starting, the fat cells that have been affected by this metabolic reaction. will lead to apoptosis. This mechanism helps in muscle growth and enhances the efficiency of fat destruction.

Only by this effect, High Intensity Focused Electromagnetic energy has a selective effect on motor neurons, thus not damaging the skin. Hardly painful or time-consuming, 30 minutes of treatment is easy without having to schedule before and after treatment.

Item Value
Place of Origin China
Model Number EMS1139H+RF
Type Weight Loss
Brand Name DF
Certification ce
Feature Weight Loss, Other, Skin Tightening, Cellulite Reduction
Application For Commercial
After-sales Service Provided Online support, Field installation, commissioning and training
Warranty 2 years
Output intensity 7 or10 Tesla Option
Technology EMS and More
Function Body Slimming Muscle Stimulator
Treatment area Body Legs Arms Abdomen Hips
Handles 4 RF Handles + Optional Pelvic Floor Handle
Voltage 110/120V-220/240V
Power 5600W
Screen 18 Inch Touch Screen
Operation System High Intensity Focused Electro-Magnetic
Cooling system Air Cooling

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